Top 14 FAQ’s

Your confirmation email will be sent from so it may also be worth checking your junk box in case it has gone into there.

If you can't find a copy then go to our help and support page and select 'Resend my email confirmation' enter your details and we will resend you an email as soon as we receive the request.

In most cases your email acts as your ticket so you 'must' print this and show it to the driver and/or transfer providers representative at the airport.

Some of our airport transfer services require physical tickets, these tickets will either be attached to your confirmation email and in this case, you need to print a copy of these. Alternatively, you will be emailed your ticket/s within 24 hours of booking the service.

Please note that full details of whether you need separate tickets are detailed on your confirmation email.

If you look at the more information section (Transport Information) for each service as it advises how much luggage you are allowed per person on each of the transfers, there may be some instances that specific luggage details are in the (Provider Information) within this section, please check both.

Please note that for infants under 2 years old there is no luggage allowance.

You must include all infants and children at the time of booking to ensure the appropriate vehicle and space is provided, and where applicable tickets are issued for the total number in your party.

Both local and national laws regarding the use of child seats for infants and children vary from Country to Country.

If you are booking a private transfer, we do recommend the use of booster of child seats for those under the age of 12, or up to 135cam, for safety purposes.

We offer in most destinations a choice of either a child seat or a booster seat.

In order to book these seats please contact us at and we will advise you how to book these.

Sports equipment such as golf clubs, surfboards and bicycles are classed as excess luggage and may be chargeable. Please contact us at to find out the details for your specific transfer.

A scheduled bus service operates to a fixed timetable, it will not wait for you should you be late or if your flight is delayed. A scheduled bus service also has fixed drop off/meeting points.

Some scheduled bus services only operate during certain hours of the day, so please ensure that you check the timetable which is shown in the 'more information' (Provider Information) section of this transfer service; to ensure there is a bus which accommodates your flight time and the drop off/meeting point is suitable for you.

Please note that 'Shuttle Services' are door to door airport transfer services, thus they take you directly (or as near as the vehicle is accessible) to your hotel or apartment, they are a shared service so you will travel with other people staying in the same accommodation or nearby to you.

A Shuttle service waits until you arrive at the airport and in most destinations the service departs within 45 minutes of you making contact with the transfer provider.

A Shuttle transfer is tailored around your flight times.

Please note that Shuttle services do 'not' operate to private addresses or villas.

A speedy shuttle bus service operates the same as a shuttle bus service, so it's tailored especially for your flight times, the exception is there is a maximum number of stops on route.

Each speedy shuttle service we offer shows the maximum number of stops you will have, the exact number of stops and transfer time will depend on how many other passengers and different accommodations they are staying in.

The speedy shuttle bus service is usually operated by minibus, however the actual vehicle type and size is transfer type can be carried out in any vehicle and simply depends on the provider and number of passengers.

Your email confirmation details the exact location of your bus stop if you have booked a scheduled bus.

If you have booked with the scheduled bus provider Plus Group, detailed bus stop information will be attached to your tickets, which the provider will email you within 24-hours of making your booking.

If you are travelling on any of the UK National Express services then you can visit National Express to confirm the exact bus stop location.

If you have booked a shuttle or speedy shuttle service, full details of how to locate the driver/provider representative will be on your confirmation email.

All scheduled bus and train services will leave at their scheduled time. Shuttle transfer services will leave no later than 45 minutes (or unless otherwise stated) after you contact the transfer provider. All shuttle services will try and keep waiting times to a minimum.

All private transfers will leave as soon as you have made contact with the driver, or transfer provider.

For UK Transfers please enter the approximate pick up time you would like as we offer automated scheduled coach times for these times entered.

In all other destinations please enter your flight times, however in all locations; please double check all scheduled bus services prior to booking in order to see whether their fixed service times are suitable for your flights.

Scheduled bus Ski airport transfers will only show if they are available for the flight times you have entered.

All our private transfer providers closely monitor flight and cruise ship services in case of delays. Therefore, when you arrive your private transfer service will be ready and waiting for you. Should your delay exceed 3 hours then you may need to arrange your own transport and claim the cost back from your flight/cruise provider.

If you have booked one of our Shuttle or Speedy Shuttle services you will be able to board the next available service. Please note that this may not be available immediately and you may have to wait several hours, or until the next day, and in areas where shuttle services are limited you may need to arrange your own onward travel.

For all scheduled Trains, Express Trains and Trams; your ticket is an open ticket, so simply board the next available service.

If you are on a scheduled bus service you are usually able to board the next available service, please check with your provider on arrival that there is availability on this service for you to do this.

Looking4 regret that we cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred due to flight delays or missed travel connections resulting in poor weather conditions, state of roads or any other factors beyond our control.

All flexible bookings can be amended. Please email us at, please note as per our Terms and Conditions we need at least 48 hours' notice prior to your travel date to do this.

Some of our Airport Transfer services cannot be amended or cancelled as they are sold at a very low or discounted price to the standard rate.

If your plans are likely to change we recommend that you book one of the fully flexible transfer services, which will allow you to amend or cancel your booking as per our standard terms and conditions.

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If your booking states 'NON-FLEX' then your booking CANNOT BE AMENDED OR CANCELLED. This is due to the terms and conditions set by the car parking operator. Important: If emailing - Insert your travel date within the subject line to assist in prioritising those who are imminently due to travel. We are working through all emails as quickly as possible and would like to apologise for any delays in our response during this peak volume period. Login to view your booking