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Make a new booking

  • Making a new booking.

    • Enter your dates and times and airport into our quote form, click 'compare prices' and look at what Looking4Parking can offer for your selected choice.

      Choose which service you wish to book and click 'BOOK NOW'.

      Fill in your details, make the payment then wait for the payment to be confirmed by our website.

      Once your payment is confirmed you will be asked for further information such as flight details.

  • How can I pay for my parking?

    • We can take payments through Visa, AMEX, Mastercard, Maestro and PayPal

      All payments are made up front on stage 2 of the booking process:

      • Stage 1 - Search
      • Stage 2 - Your payment details
      • Stage 3 - Vehicle and flight details
      • Stage 4 - You'll receive your booking reference

      (We currently do not offer standing orders, checks, Bitcoin or EMT payments)

  • I'm still having trouble making a booking?

  • Can I speak to a human about making a booking?

    • To make a booking, you can call our friendly reservation team, 7 days a week between 8am and 8pm on Freephone number 0808 168 6111.

      Alternatively you can reach us on live chat.

  • Is it my flight times or drop off / collection times I need to enter?

    • Please enter the times of drop off and collection.

      Please allow at least 2 hours prior to your flight take off time (3 hours for long haul flights) and at least half an hour after your landing time on return.

  • The discount is smaller than what my voucher said, why is this?

    • Please check the promotion details related to the discount code you used.

  • Can I cancel my booking directly with the car park provider if I booked on your site?

    • Cancellations made with the car park direct, cannot be considered.

      All cancellations must be made through

      You can log into the members area here.

  • How much am I going to get charged if I don't return on my pre-booked date?

    • You will be charged a daily rate by the car park on your return.

      The cost will vary depending on which car park you have booked.

      Onsite car parks will charge more than offsite car parks.

  • Where do you get your rates from?

    • Car parks provide us with the rates.

      Car parks send their rates to all consolidators simultaneously.

      All prices are subject to availability and change

  • Why can I see the product cheaper elsewhere?

    • Excluding discount offerings, this shouldn't be the case.

      Please report it to us if you see one of our products cheaper than we display it.

      Please make sure the times and dates are the same when comparing the product.

  • I have a discount code but it's not working, what do I do?

    • Please double check your promotion details, and the code.

      Please insert the code into the quote box if you have one.

  • Why am I being charged for 8 or 15 days when I am only away for 7 or 14?

    • Most Airport Parking is charged per day, rather than per 24-hour period.

      So if you depart on a Monday and return the following Monday, your price will include the Monday you arrive at the car park.

      Some on-airport car parks do charge per 24-hour time period or part thereof.

      Should your actual entry and exit times change from those that you have book, as this may result in your actual time in the cark park exceeding the number of days you have pre-paid for (or decreasing).

      This will result in an additional charge, which will be levied by the car park upon exit or if you call us before you leave we can add this to your credit card.

  • Why is there a booking fee?

    • Our booking fee is a small charge that contributes towards the operational costs of bringing you our website.

      We have a team of web developers, software engineers, product managers and customer service advisors working in multiple languages.

      We work hard 24/7 to bring you the best booking experience, lowest prices and range of different parking options at airports, sea ports and train stations all over the world.

      We hope you enjoy using our website.

  • Why is there a levy fee?

    • Levy fee is a fee levied by the airport to car park operators to access the airport

  • What is the cancellation waiver?

    • Waivers the £9.50 cancellation fee if you wish to cancel the booking after is has been placed.

      Further information can be found here.

  • Why do we need your flight numbers?

    • Giving the flight number to the car park will help the car park monitor your return time.

  • What happens if my flight is delayed?

    • Delays aren't usually an issue.

      We provide your flight number to the car park you book with so that they can track the progress of your return flight and be aware of when to expect you.

      If your delay results in an extra day or extra days' parking being required, additional charges may be levied by your chosen car park in some instances.

Your Booking

Car Park Information

  • How does Meet & Greet parking work?

    • When you’re around 20 minutes from the airport - ring the chauffeur/driver hotline number provided in your confirmation email.

      The chauffeur/driver will direct you to the drop off point - usually right outside the departure terminal. On your return, your vehicle will be brought to meet you outside arrivals.

  • Do I have to leave my keys?

    • If you book a car park that provides valet parking or a meet & greet service, you will need to leave your keys. Any car park that asks for you to leave your keys will have a secure process for managing car keys and the security of your car. Car parks that need your keys and car parks that don’t need your keys are clearly marked on the website.
  • What does the Park Mark Award mean?

    • Park Mark is an award given by the British Parking Association for safer parking.

      The facility has been vetted by the Police and has measures in place to create a safer environment for both you and your vehicle.

  • How do I find the car park?

    • Full directions to each car park are available on the More Info pages of our search results.

      You’ll also receive full details, including directions to your chosen car park, in your confirmation email.

  • What are the car parks opening times?

    • Car Park opening times are listed on the more information page of the car park.

      Also, if your car park isn’t open for your selected times and dates, then the car park won’t show on the search results.

  • What is the longest I can park my car at the airport for?

    • For as long as you want. Search your times and dates on the website and see what car parks show up! The ones that show, you can book.
  • What is Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)?

    • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is a system used by some car parks to allow you to enter and exit the car park.

      Your confirmation will show if your car park uses this system. When you arrive at the entrance of the car park a scanner will read your number plate, and if you have a booking it will allow you to enter the car park.

      If you change your vehicle it is important to let us know as this could cause delays when you reach the car park.

  • Why do you need to know the number of passengers?

    • Park and Ride and most Onsite car parks run/bus shuttle transfers to and from the airport. Those services need to be aware of how many passengers they are scheduled to carry.
  • The number of people travelling has changed – does it matter?

    • Yes. Please log into the members area and amend the number of passengers.

      We’ll send the car park the updated information and you an updated confirmation email.

  • What is the Gatwick Airport Approved Operator Scheme?

    • The Gatwick Airport Approved Operator Scheme, includes car parks having been audited and inspected by Gatwick Airport, Sussex & Surrey Police and West Sussex Trading Standards to ensure we meet customer service standards.

      The car parks we sell that are part of the Approved Operator Scheme are ABC, Just Valet, I Love and Ace Meet and Greet services at LGW airport.

  • Are the drivers/chauffeurs insured?

    • All services are checked and vetted by Looking4Parking. We ensure that all services have the correct insurance and driver checks.
  • Do I have to pay extra for the shuttle?

    • Please check the ‘Additional Information’ tab of the product you are booking for information regarding extra charges.
  • I have a blue badge – can I use every parking product?

    • Please check the ‘disabled’ section for any information on blue badge parking.

      Usually it’s only onsite car parks that would offer Blue Badge parking.

  • How far is the car park from the airport?

    • That depends on which car park you go for.

      Many of our On-Site parking deals are just minutes from the departure terminal, whereas some Park & Ride packages may be a short bus ride away.

      Distances and travel times to the departure terminal are given for each product in our search results.

  • Can I take a large vehicle/trailer/motorhome/van to a car park?

    • No; airport car parks will only usually accept standard size family vehicles or smaller.
  • How do you pick the car parks you partner with?

    • Looking4Parking checks each car park to ensure they’re up to the standard we require.
  • Do you have any reviews of the car parks you sell?

    • You can find the most up to date reviews on our website.

      Once you have entered the airport, dates and times you need to obtain a quote from the homepage you will see under every car park information box a link to their Reevoo score. You can also find reviews on TrustPilot.

  • How do I leave a review?

    • You will be asked to leave a review of the Looking4Parking booking experience one day after you’ve made the booking, and on your return, you are giving the option of reviewing the service you have used. You will receive emails from our Review centres Reevoo or Trust Pilot.
  • Will there be security at the car park?

    • We only sell secure car parks. Specific security features for each car park will be listed on the more information pages of each product, and shown through symbols on the search results.
  • Do you own any car parks?

    • does not own or operate any of the car parks that advertise through our website.
  • Can I drop my car off at one airport and pick it up at another?

    • No. We don’t offer any products that do this at present.
  • How do I get to the airport from the car park?

    • All information you need to use the booking will be on the more information pages of the products on the website, and the confirmation email we send to you.
  • Can I leave things in the vehicle?

    • Any property left in the vehicle whilst it is in the car park is done so at your own risk.
  • What do I do if I can’t find the car park?

    • On your confirmation email you will find the address, sat nav information and the telephone number for the car park; you can call them to get better directions.
  • I’m here but the car park is closed, what do I do?

    • Please call the car park telephone number which you will find on your confirmation email.

      If you have to park elsewhere please find alternative parking, keep your receipt and contact us on your return.

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